Masculine Theory

Rediscover Direction, Drop Addictions, Optimise Testosterone And Break The Cycle Of Mediocrity In 8 Weeks Or Less (Or I Work For Free Until You Do).

For Ambitious Men Looking to Unleash Their Potential By Aligning How You Think, Feel & Act In Your Life

The Archetypes


Before: Victim of old programming and stories about yourself that were not becoming of your greatest reality.

After: Actualising your greatest story, positive mental approach, Excited to wake up as reality is far more compelling than dreams.


Before: Lack of action and accountability couples with low energy, zeal and vigour to tackle your objectives.

After: Optimised hormone profile (testosterone), uptick in energy, libido and effortless execution of your daily tasks.


Before: Lack of direction, indecisive, ping-ponging from one idea to the other.

After: Clear outcome established with a simple visual system (map) showing you how to get there.


Before: Poor relationship with dopamine: tied up in porn, drinks, drugs that sucks joy out of life & kills your results.

After: Rewired dopaminergic pathways experiencing pleasure in less pleasurable tasks: work, walks, music, sports

Hear from My previous Clients


“If you’re thinking about joining Joseph’s program – my simple answer would: just do it”

Ben (@GoldenAgeMan) managed to build his business past 1,000 followers in 6 weeks and started monetising his audience.


“First time talking with Joseph – I immediately knew we should work together”


Denis dropped his porn addiction in 30 days, as well as his anxiety, depression and stress.


“Joseph has been a joy to speak with – the way he guides me towards success is simple, but very powerful!”

TJ (@ComposedMale) grew his personal brand & learned to bring inbound leads to his coaching business.


“I was frustrated & distracted – but the program helped me see a very clear path on where to go”

Matt dropped 2 hours of procrastination time per day, found the energy he needed to double his salary.


“I couldn’t recommend Joseph enough – he really helped me out!”

Stephenos (@dailydiligence) journey started with him losing over 100lbs, starting his own X/Twitter business  and showing others how to do the same.


“With Joseph’s help I was able to massively multiply the people seeing my content – leading to many times more leads than previously”

Devin managed to accumulate substantial leads for his coaching business to take his lifestyle to the next level.


“Great mentor – we didn’t just talk business but addictions, systems and procrastination”

Jay managed to realise a 2,000 follower X/Twitter business and podcast whilst beating resistance in the form of procrastination.


“I was at a point in my life where I knew I had to make some changes – Joseph made all of that possible”

Jannik quit weed forever in 30 days, optimised his 10K trading framework and begun his instagram personal brand.


“Joseph helped me get clarity on my offer and got me comfortable charging high ticket.”

Dee grew to a 20K X/Twitter men’s self-improvement brand and started to double his online income.

Who Is This For?

Find clarity on what you want

and how to get it

Some More Wins


STEP 1: After clicking the “book free call” button you will be prompted to fill out a brief application form. If your application is successful you will receive my calendar availability to book an initial 30-minute consultation. During this call we diagnose the sticking points in your present circumstances, where you would like to be and fundamentally if we’re a good fit (I get over 100 applicants per week so I need to ensure there’s a good rapport).


STEP 2 : Following this call, my team and I will design a XMIND map which will detail some quantifiable metrics for us to achieve in 8 weeks with some initial suggestions on the system needed to achieve it. STEP 3: We will meet again in a week briefly to discuss if those metrics and goals are agreeable. If they are we will proceed with your preferred payment plan and book in our Week 1 onboarding call.

Goals and systems. While goals between my clients might be similar, no two systems are the same.

I’ve coached over 100+ people and developed 100s of different systems over this time. If something doesn’t work we simply review what we’ve agreed upon, take it apart, find out what’s not working and replace it with something better.

With my working XMIND framework we will have something to use in real-time, meaning we’ll have a clear visual reference of current and previous systems until we find the perfect one that meets your needs.

I’ve coached business owners, coaches, investment bankers, tradesmen and even a priest. The continuity between all my clients is they are committed mentally, physically, spiritually and financially to changing their present circumstances. If this is you – then this is for you.

It depends. In terms of calls, all my clients have different needs. Some are very busy business owners and prefer minimal contact of an hour every 2 weeks. Others prefer aligning at least an hour every week. Whatever gets you the results is the system we’ll use.

There are tasks that you will be required to take action on after most calls but in no way will they be intrusive on your present working and social commitments.

Due to the influx of applicants it is not possible to reserve a coaching space by means of promise of word. If you are fully committed, we’re a great fit but the timing just isn’t right there may be an opportunity to pay a deposit reserving a space for you.

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