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Retire Your 9-5 With a Writing Habit

Hi, I'm Joseph.

I’m first and fundamentally a teacher. I use an arsenal of different systems from the east to the west to guide men to self-actualisation.

Let me start with what I believe is the core skill that allows me to be at this Starbucks writing this on a Wednesday at 14:41 after a competitive game of golf.


Now don’t sneer at this.

I don’t care if you have no ambitions for creative business pursuits. However, if you are interested in being a better man in any dimension, then writing needs to be a habit you do everyday.


Multiple reasons. I could write a book. But here’s the cliff notes:

1. Writing is core skill.

This realisation won’t be made to you until you begin to write everyday. This is the fact that writing has a direct influence on most things in your life without you realising:

Writing helps you think better.
Writing helps you speak better.
Writing helps you be more creative.
Writing helps you understand yourself.
Writing helps you makes you less anxious.

2. Writing Helps Recall & Conviction

I don’t think. I know this to be true.

I’ve written in most capacities: on X/Twitter, blog posts, YouTube, books, emails, you name it and i’ve done it.

What is outstanding to me is my ability to recall information in social contexts or even making a video. I hear on countless occasions that this ability is impressive.

Plus it also tremendously resourceful when making taking action because you don’t have to reason why you. You already do that when you write.

All that’s left it to take action.

3. Writing stores ideas.

You might of heard me say this before. You brain is for having ideas. Not storing them.

How many times have you had a great idea. Told yourself you’ll remember it. Only to forget it.

This partly ties in with point number 2 but what really sets it apart is its impact on your creativity. The storage of all these ideas in a book or piece of software greatly enhances your capacity to monetise them in the future.

Don’t sleep on these.

Speak soon.


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