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Traditional relationships are no longer possible. Here’s what is.

Hi, I'm Joseph.

I’m first and fundamentally a teacher. I use an arsenal of different systems from the east to the west to guide men to self-actualisation.

Our governments realised long ago that it’s counterproductive to their power to have traditional stay-at-home mothers who don’t contribute income tax. Not only that, but the high level at which an individual’s income is taxed in Western culture makes it nearly impossible for the average person to pursue a relationship based on a pure traditional dynamic.

Certainly, there are outliers in the top 1%—powerful business owners, investors, and highly successful entrepreneurs who can support a family solely on their salary. But what about the average man?

There appears to be a significant misalignment between the traditional, ‘red-pilled’ rhetoric often found online and the earning capacity of the average individual. While we can’t ignore the importance of the masculine and feminine dynamic in a relationship, our masculinity will always be challenged if we can’t provide some level of financial security.

Alternative Plays

  1. Become The 1%

One of the most obvious, yet perhaps naive, courses of action is to join the ranks of the 1% earners. Where I don’t doubt that many of you reading this could achieve or already have a six-figure salary. However, they call it the 1% for a reason.

Not many men possess the sexual discipline to resist the temptation of relationships until they’ve achieved that particular financial milestone. Nevertheless, it remains a valuable and viable option. I know some men who have devoted their entire twenties to this lifestyle, only opening themselves up to dating in their early thirties. This period is often considered the peak of their sexual market value (SMV).

2. The Modern Relationship

A more realistic approach is embracing the egalitarian relationship dynamic, essentially the 50/50 split. This concept holds significant merit, at least on paper, appearing straightforward and uncomplicated with a high chance of success.

However, I’ve discovered that this dynamic doesn’t align with the authentic masculine and feminine relationship dynamics. It’s tempting to believe that men and women are identical, that a 50/50 split in all aspects will yield harmony. Yet, this notion doesn’t resonate with the inherent dualistic nature of the world.

You can comprehend this better through the yin-yang principle. There’s day and night, warm and cold, leader and follower, especially within a relationship. The challenge with an egalitarian dynamic is establishing who leads the relationship. Believing both partners can assume this role is a mistake. Imagine a ship with two captains or an army with two generals — it simply doesn’t work. When roles in a relationship are unclear, resentment inevitably creeps in.

3. Passport Bro

In recent times, it has become increasingly popular for men to pursue traditional relationship dynamics overseas, especially in countries like the Philippines. Here, they find their Western salaries stretching much further than they would back home, thanks to the cost of living differences.

Local women in these countries often embrace the traditional relationship model without any resistance. It’s not unusual for an average 30-year-old Western man to relocate to the Philippines, find a wife, and embark on a completely new life in an exotic land where his Western salary affords him a luxurious lifestyle. An additional advantage is that the Philippines is an English-speaking country.

The downsides? They are minimal. However, there’s an evident exchange of value here that might not resonate with everyone.

Deep down, there’s an awareness that a significant reason these women are open to such relationships is the financial stability the men provide. This situation presents an intriguing role reversal, considering that many men judge women based on their looks. My point is, if you can come to terms with this reality, it could be a viable option.

I got Dinner – You Get Drinks

This, in my opinion, is the ideal relationship dynamic, striking a balance between the 50/50 and traditional models. In this setup, financial contributions are divided between partners, say, 60/40, 75/25, or even 80/20. I appreciate this dynamic because it positions you as the leader and provider while allowing your partner to contribute. It effectively eliminates the possibility of financial exploitation.

I don’t believe most men would be satisfied with a partner who doesn’t contribute financially in some way. That’s why I find this dynamic incredibly practical. I’ve dubbed it the ‘I’ve got dinner, you get drinks’ partnership. As the leader, you supply the majority of the resources, while your partner, your trusted second-in-command, handles the specifics. You cover the rent; she handles the bills. You book the flights; she arranges the accommodations. You get the idea.

The only drawback, in my view, lies in the details and how the split is managed. Getting overly meticulous about this division can alienate your partner. On day to day purchases, I don’t believe this is necessary at all. It might be worth drawing something up a little more official when it comes to rent, bills and certainly property in the future.

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